I am
Sean Noche-Schultz

I am lifestyle Photographer and Videographer from Seattle, WA.
Photos in today’s era are mashed up with filters to cover up the imperfections and insecurities of people. My style brings a nice sleek clean look with a lot of texture and clarity. As someone who should follow society’s perfect norms, I chose to go against It. The real ugly is shown right in front of us. With media poised to show us unrealistic perfectionism to the human facial features and body. The beauty in people is our little blemishes and imperfections.

As a Film Maker I try to exceed my limits always taking on an individual’s project or making my own. It is an amazing feeling seeing the reaction of someone who had envisioned something that has come to life by me. 

It all started from picking up my first camera in 2019. I could have not imagined my passion would be my career. Coming from where I had no clue what I wanted to do with my life. To now being an artist who shows and puts subjective art in front of people’s eyes let them form and judge an opinion from the way they perceive it.

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